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If you want to truly take your career or business to the next level, you need to work one-to-one with your own success coach. That's what Personal Success Coaching is all about -- creating momentum to design the life you truly want to live. Email us to set up a time to speak to one of our specially-trained success coaches.


"Coaching? I'm confused. You mean an athletic coach?"

World-class athletes know it. So do opera divas. Winners in nearly every profession know that without the right personal coach, they won't perform at their best. And now a select number of business-people know it, too. We're what you call success coaches. We help you redesign your career, focus on the areas that will bring you the greatest results, generate more money, and make more of your life. In essence, we help you Work Less, Make More.

"How exactly do you do that?"

Coaching is a blend of business, finance, psychology, philosophy, transformation, and spirituality. What that means is we find your hot buttons -- and we push them. Every successful person we know understands how important it is to get an outside perspective -- to have people in your life that will tell you the truth about what's truly going on. And we follow-up that truth with solid business strategies to get you the results you want. You'll find that working with a success coach is the single best way to expand beyond your comfort zone. No matter how much you've accomplished in your life, we both know there's so much more to do. We help you play a much different, more exhilarating game.

"How does the coaching process work?"

The personal success coaching process works because we're here when you need us. People are attracted to our type of coaching because it's primarily virtual. We work with our clients by phone, fax, and email. This allows you to work with us anytime from anywhere -- even if you're on the beach, taking a break at work, or in some remote manufacturing operation on assignment.

That's right. As a client, you have the option of meeting with your coach by phone rather than in your office or in theirs. We know you're busy. Who has time to meet face-to-face every week? Technology enables us to train you virtually. And do it very effectively.

We also have programs that allow us to meet face-to-face either at your office or ours. Once we have the opportunity to speak with you, we'll customize a program that fits your needs and your budget.

"How do I find the right coach?"

An important part of hiring a coach to achieve success is finding the right coach. A person you feel comfortable with, and someone who will push you outside your comfort zone to help you get where you want to go quicker and easier. That's why we've gone out and found the best of the best.

Each one of our coaches goes through an extensive interview and application process before receiving the prestigious Work Less, Make More license. (We get lots of applications and only the best are selected to be on our team.) Our coaches then go through a rigorous training program to make sure they can help you integrate the Work Less, Make More philosophy into your life.

If you need help finding the right coach for you, just call our office at (734) 254-9970 or email us to set up a free consultation. We'll learn more about you, what results you want to achieve and match you up with a personal success coach that matches your personal style.

And please, if some other coach claims they can help you "Work Less, Make More," make sure they've been certified by us to coach you on our philosophy. We've seen lots of copycats, and we want you to work with the originals -- us.

"How much does it cost to work with a coach?"

Expect fees to range from $700 to $3000 per month. We know, it's a large range. It's very difficult to price our services until we know what you need to take your life and your work to that next level. We customize our success coaching programs to fit you perfectly rather than jam you into some program we created. We know that's what you want: to get results in a way that matters to you.

Let's discuss your situation and we'll price our services accordingly. Call our main office at (734) 254-9970 or email us, and we'll help you find the right personal success coach for you.

"Give me an idea of what type of results your clients get from coaching."

What a good question. But rather than have us answer it, here's just a sampling of what our clients say.

CHRISTOPHER BROWN, D.D.S., M.P.S.: "What do you do when your dreams come true and they're not quite what you planned? The lyrics from the Eagles rang true in my life. At 44 years old, I had accomplished all my long-term goals a year ahead of schedule, yet I had lost my direction. My plate was full to overflowing yet seemed empty. The profession I loved was losing its thrill. Excitement was replaced with boredom and fatigue. Thanks to coaching, I learned how to clean up my agenda, refresh myself, and accomplish more than ever. Her insights helped me find the joy I'd lost and regain my momentum for the happy, well-balanced life I had worked so hard to achieve."

ANDREW VANSICKLE, Sales Manager, Cinema Advertising: "My coach helped me focus on my goals and dreams, and two years later, I have eliminated my huge debt and more than tripled my income! That potent one-hour session every week has helped put me in focus of my desires and dreams. I am achieving today what I told myself I never could do. I'm only 33 years old and I am so looking forward to the future."

MICHAEL CATANZARO, Vice President, Volunteer Energy: "I grew up in a family business and I've been working seven days a week since I was five years old. I became so burned out and numb, I had to walk away. Having a coach completely changed my life. Not only did my coach help me rediscover myself and what makes me who I am, but she helped me discover the secret of life. The day you take back control of your life is the hardest thing you will ever do. The worst thing about that day is you feel as if you're not in control. But that day turns out to be the day you're in control of your life again... and ooh, what a feeling! My coach helped me do that. They will help you, too."

RICH ESSIGS, Director, Procter & Gamble: "My coach is incredible! Her ability to recognize my key opportunities -- and help me develop actionable steps -- has made all the difference. With her help, I am now a more focused, productive, and balanced individual. She has been an outstanding resource for my career and my life."

KATHY FLYNN, Consultant: "Through my coaching experience, I have found the confidence, personal space, and inner strength to reach for significantly higher goals while obtaining much faster results. I have come away from my coaching sessions with incredible energy and the feeling that I can do anything. My coach always has the piece that puts the puzzle together -- whether it's being supportive or really listening or taking my blinders off. Today, I put what's really important in my life first, I've changed careers to something that reflects who I really am, and I take time for me each and every day. Coaching has helped me to believe in me!"

JAMIE KENNY, Director of Public Relations, David K. Burnap P.R.: "Having a coach absolutely changed my life! I went from working 65 hours to cutting my work schedule down by a third. Now I'm getting so much more accomplished but, most importantly, I'm achieving greater results than I was before because my coach has taught me the power of focus. I'm refreshed and energized from the work I'm doing, I enjoy more time with my family, and I'm actually taking vacations. My kids love having more of their Mom around."

"So what do I do now?"

Call us at (734) 254-9970 or email us. We interview everyone in detail to make sure personal success coaching is the right answer for your situation. If you like coaching and we think it can help you, we'll work with our schedules so you can get started right away.

Come on! What are you waiting for?


  • Redesign your life so you can work passionately and have a life;
  • Make key decisions for long-term business success;
  • Make more money;
  • Dramatically increase your business sales & profits;
  • Get promoted;
  • Learn to prioritize;
  • Find the work you love and start doing it;
  • Become a more powerful and effective leader;
  • Play a much bigger game than you're playing & win;
  • Transition from what you're doing to what you truly want to do;
  • Become more efficient as you learn to delegate;
  • Take the actions you want and need to take;
  • Find more satisfaction and joy in your life.

The first step our coaches take, before we begin working with you, is to determine your objectives. Coaching is about finding unique solutions that ensure you a dramatic return on your investment. Together, we decide what results you want and price our program based on you achieving those results.



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