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Okay, so you've been doing your research and you've discovered there are a lot of so-called success coaches out there. How do you know if we're the right coaching team for you?

We thought the best way would be to outline what we offer vs. what they offer. Then you decide.

1. Our success coaches are all professionally trained and accredited with professional designations from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world¹s leading coaching professional organization. More importantly, they all possess an enormous depth of experience working with clients just like you. Our coaches were all successful somewhere else before joining our team.
1. We don't know. Ask them.
2. The coaches chosen to become Certified Work Less, Make More Coaches are hand-selected by JWC Group. These personal success coaches are certified only after extensive screening and training in our Work Less, Make More program. We only work with the best of the best, both in our clientele and on our coaching team.
2. Most coaches are sole practioners who don't have a team to work with. How do you know they know what they're doing?
3. Work Less, Make More is a structured 10-point process that's been field-tested and proven with hundreds of clients. This stuff works.
3. Can they document the results they've produced with their clients? We don't know. Ask them.
4. You receive an entire package of innovative materials to help you produce the results you want in your work - and in your life - when you hire a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach. This includes a special Welcome Pak, bestselling book, audioseries and workbook. And you'll have access to a special "Client Only" section on our web site that's jammed with materials to help you get more success in your life. You'll use these tools to keep you on track.
4. Most personal coaches we know rely on their "intuitive" abilities. Do they have solid support materials to help you get what you want?
5. We're the best. We help you get results. You'll see a solid return on your investment. And no, we're not the cheapest around. Not at all. But we like that. Why? Because the old adage, "You get what you pay for," is true.
5. Hmm....

What are you waiting for?

Start working with a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach today. You'll be glad you did.


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