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There are some of you out there who really want a coach on your team, but perhaps you want someone in your corner when you need them without having to worry about weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. That's why we've designed Email Coaching. Rather than speaking or meeting with your coach, we use e-mail very efficiently to coach you to new levels. This coaching service is perfect for anyone who can communicate extremely well via writing.

Here's how it works:

  • To get started, we'll send you the official WORK LESS, MAKE MORE Welcome Pak full of worksheets and assessments you'll need to complete to help us get started in coaching you. You'll need to fill them out and e-mail them back to your coach. This background information speeds up the coaching process. Your Welcome Pak also includes a copy of the Work Less, Make More book, Mastering Work Less, Make More audioseries and Work Less, Make More Workbook along with a three-ring binder full of materials.

    Let your coach know what you're trying to accomplish in your life during the next 90 days -- and what support/help you need from your coach. We'll help you keep your eye on the goal.

    You email your coach with questions, problems, and concerns whenever you want. Your coach responds to your questions within 24 hours (excluding weekends) to guide you on your success journey. Your coach recommends great books to read, websites to visit, and he/she gives you tremendous advice on where to take your career or business -- all via email. You'll find your coach can give you tons of input via email and do it quite effectively.

Your investment is $450 per month plus a one-time $179 fee for materials. Unlimited email with guaranteed 24-hour response times (although we won't respond on Saturday or Sunday). Only those Certified Work Less, Make More Coaches who are extremely skilled at email communications are part of this coaching program. It takes a unique personality to give you as the client exactly what you want with Email Coaching.

To get started, click here to register through our easy sign-up process.

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