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Here is a sampling of what our existing coaches say about our training program:

"I thought I learned all the great ideas in my coaching training with Coach University. Was I wrong! Becoming a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach has provided me with the well-known brand name that allows me to soar to the next level. Becoming a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach answers the question, 'What's Next?'

  This field-tested approach, terrific top-of-the-line products, workshop, speeches, individual and group coaching -- this covers everything you could possibly want for every market niche you could imagine. Their superior marketing background and our accessibility to a professional publicist to help us promote events gives me the edge I was looking for. The traffic through this website alone, having my own special page and link, is worth the price of becoming certified.

  But it just keeps getting better. You've really got to be ready to soar with the eagles if you link up with Work Less, Make More. I was always a super achieving frontrunner, but this association with the top coaches in the country has given me the confidence, the brand name, and most importantly, supercharged my drive and excitement about driving my practice to the level I'd always dreamed of. The range of income options simply wouldn't be available to me on my own. It's like entering a banquet room and being able to select from among the most delectable foods in the world. I can pile up my coaching practice plate with one gourmet option, or sample many or all of them. And the coolest thing is that I can keep coming back, trying this or that, and it's all been prepared for me by a world-class chef!
-- Dr. Mary D. Bell, PCC

"Work Less, Make More provides a structure and a technology for helping people to have saner lives that involve more of what they really want. Simple, right? That's what we all want! As a coach, having this process keeps me from having to reinvent the wheel every time I get started with a new client. As a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach, I really appreciate all the various tools, exercises and marketing vehicles that this program provides. Work Less, Make More is thorough, well thought out, comprehensive, and complete with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. I love Jennifer's continuous improvement mindset, and I value knowing that her intention is to help me be successful!"
-- Barbara Poole, MCC

"Work Less, Make More is a 21st century tool chest of cutting-edge, sustainable and differentiating competitive advantages in today's complex and dynamic business environment. As a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach, this process provides a significant value-added partner truly interested in helping me succeed in delivering my business objectives with excellence. The 10-step framework kick started, revitalized and added velocity to my coaching practice. It is the next step in powerfully liberating your coaching business from acceptable to extraordinary. Jennifer White built Work Less, Make More on proven performance skills, strategic application, market penetration and continuous development. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, Work Less, Make More leadership, support, structure and technology will optimize your highest potential."
-- Sandy K. Kuehl, CPCC

"I'm so charged about being a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach. After a very successful 15 year corporate management career, I've built my coaching business over the last three years on my own. I had already decided that 2000 was my year to make major financial gains. However, my dilemma was that I LOVE my new life and didn't want to revert to my workaholic corporate ways. The opportunity to leverage the fabulous work that has already done with Work Less, Make More is exactly what I was looking for. I can apply proven tools and techniques while still maintaining my own independence, creativity and entrepeneurial lifestyle. Becoming a Certified Work Less, Make More Coach was the smartest thing I've done this year."
-- Diane Scholten

P.S. As you can see, I was wowed when I wrote this. But after going to our initial Core Team training meeting with Jennifer, I can tell you that I'm in AWE! This program is amazing! But what I'm really struck by is how totally effortless Jennifer has made it for all of us. We can use these materials, while retaining our own creativity, independence and individual spark. I can't imagine a better program. The materials you receive will blow you away!!"

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