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by Jennifer White
$25.00 U.S.

To live a successful and fulfilling life, it's important to create a full life. That means integrating all of who you are into how you work and live. If you fail to pay attention to all the areas of your life, you may end up feeling unsatisfied. Unfilled. Maybe burned out or bored. As your coach, we want you to deepen your experience. The first step is discovering what's going on today so you can create a plan for tomorrow. That's where Play To Win comes in.

As Jennifer White, the author of this program, was working with her clients, she discovered that most focused on only two or three areas in their lives. Those areas were usually work, money and family. What about upgrading all areas of your life? That's the question Jennifer kept asking her clients. The answer was the same. "I don't have time to focus on all the areas." She didn't take that as the answer but as a quest to find a better solution. Play To Win became that solution.

Play To Win is not about piling your already full plate with more stuff to do. Not at all. This game of life, as Jennifer likes to call it, is about giving you the pathway to have it all. She doesn't believe that life is about suffering and sacrifice until one day you make it. Play To Win was created to give you the roadmap to move away from suffering, move away from sacrifice, into living a rich, rewarding life.

It's divided into an 8-step process to break down a complicated process into bite-size pieces. But please understand. This program isn't easy. It was created with only the most focused, most driven, most passionate clients in mind. But please know, when you do the work necessary with Play To Win, you'll walk away with a powerful game plan to drive your life.

Here's what you'll get in this program:

  • You'll be asked to dream, and dream big. That means you imagine what each area looks like if it was exactly how you wanted it. What some people call "ideal."
  • But once you create the dream, action is the key to making it a realtiy. Each week, you'll develop steps you can take that day -- or that week -- to get one step closer to your dream. Success is built by doing the right things day after day after day. Compounded over time, your actions create the life you want to live.
  • Jennifer also found that her clients have a very strong, competitive spirit. So rather than just putting together an action plan, Play To Win incorporates a scoring system that tracks your points each week. You'll reward yourself for taking action and give yourself negative points for not taking action. Your competition: yourself.

We know you can create the life of your dreams. First you have to jump in and start playing the game. You'll find the first four pages of the Play To Win program in this welcome pack. As you continue to move through the program, your coach will send you the various steps as you need them.

Don't just sit there. It's time to Play To Win.




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