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"MASTERING WORK LESS, MAKE MORE -- A How-to Guide to Have More Time and More Money to Make More of Your Life"

A 4-CD set series by Jennifer White

$197.00 U.S.

Take yourself to the next level with more than two hours of field-tested, proven strategies!

Every successful person knows the ultimate career quest is to "Work Less, Make More®." Life isn't about suffering and it isn't about sacrificing. It's about living. Isn't that why you want more time and more money in your life?

But on the road to that success, you often get caught up in the treadmill of your work. Spending too much time at the office, too much time away from what you truly want -- all because you believe that's what it takes to be successful.

In "Mastering Work Less, Make More®," nationally-renowned success-coach, Jennifer White, will take you beyond your limits. She'll help you blast through your negative thinking and give you proven strategies that work. Based on her best-selling book "Work Less, Make More®," this program takes you to the next level of your success journey.

In this phenomenal program, you'll learn how to:

  • Harness the five secrets to increasing your income right now;
  • Develop ideas on how to break the time-equals-money trap;
  • Discover your compelling reason to make more of your life;
  • Uncover your mastery and leverage it in the marketplace;
  • Use momentum so your results come faster and easier;
  • Identify why balance is the worst thing you can do for your career;
  • Get over your delegation problem;
  • Develop a plan to clean off your plate -- for good;
  • Discover the real reason you don't take more time off -- and what to do about it;
  • Handle all the ideas you have, so you don't get off track; and
  • Make more of your life!

Here is a rare opportunity to learn success strategies directly from the creator of the "Work Less, Make More®" philosophy, Jennifer White.

Here's what other people say
about this powerful audio series:

"Jennifer, you have done a wonderful job with your new audio program. I have listened to many of these before and yours is one of the best."

-- Fred Diamond, President, Fund Evaluation Group

"I've been driving around in my car every morning listening to your new audio program. Your words inspire me to make sure I get a life. Thank you!"

- Colleen Sandlin, Procter & Gamble


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