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This cover letter is about Jennifer White's new book, "Work Less, Make More®". In the spirit of her work, it is also an invitation to a new way of life. You're included in her invitation.

In her work as a success coach, White found that many people have a hard time identifying what it is they do well. To address that problem, she advised her clients to ask five people who they trust this question, "What do you see as my gifts?" Before you turn off your word processor today, ask one of your colleagues about your gifts. Tomorrow ask two more. Then another two.

When White's clients completed this exercise they found something surprising. You may have discovered the same thing. Many learned their gifts were not their passions. They did some things well but these were not always what gave them joy. What are the tasks and work activities that you do well and give you joy? This list, says White, is your brilliance.

The next step in your new life invitation is to become a master at your brilliance. White is convinced that people and money are attracted to mastery. While brilliance and mastery pay, they also take time, investment, helpful people, and a plan. White provides all that in her new book.

Unfortunately, there are masters who are not paid well for their work. Packaging mastery around what the market will buy is a crucial part of White's "Work Less, Make More®" program. What would a master in your field get paid for? Where and how would a master business editor make the most money? Through White's program, you'll discover these answers and more.

There are a lot of things which get in the way of using brilliance to work less and make more. Need I elaborate? In advising her clients what to do about this common situation, White discovered an idea that may be your Declaration of Independence. It was mine. Delegate everything but your brilliance. Everything. Rather than forcing yourself to be good at things you are not -- organizing your office, filing, researching, accounting -- hire someone to handle them.

My first question to White was probably what you are thinking about right now: "How will I pay for all these people? Won't I end up working even more?" As a true expert in the field, White answered: "No, because you will become so good at your brilliance, people will seek you out and pay your price. The best always get their price. Again, people and money are attracted to mastery."

Write a check for what you are not good at. You stay focused on your high payoff brilliance. Delegation is about ridding yourself of your weaknesses and letting someone else handle them.

There's much more to Jennifer White's "Work Less, Make More®" program. This note summarizes only two of her 14 intriguing and life-changing chapters.

Enjoy the book and let me know if you are ready to learn even more. I'll give you a call shortly and discuss some possible story ideas (that's my brilliance).

Sincerely yours,
Celia Rocks


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A former corporate executive and small business owner, Jennifer White was one of the world's most sought-after success coaches before passing away suddenly in 2001. She was the founder of JWC Group, now based in Plymouth, Michigan, and her company continues to provide success coaching nationwide to individuals and groups. She is the author of the book "Work Less, Make More" (John Wiley & Sons, 1999), which is available at www.worklessmakemore.com, or through your local bookstore. To learn more about JWC Group, visit  www.worklessmakemore.com, or call JWC Group's office at (734) 254-9970.

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