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Here are some interview questions for Brian Bartes, President of JWC Group.
  • I understand your definition of Work Less, Make More is much more than having more time and more money. Could you explain that?
  • We all seem to be too busy to do the things we truly want to do. Why are we so caught up in this craziness?
  • How do you know if you are working too much? Doesn't it seem like everyone is working hard these days? Isn't the competition working just as hard?
  • You're suggesting that we need to completely change how we're working in order to get more time and more money. What about those of us who are afraid to change? What if my personal situation is different from others -- perhaps I'm starting a new business, or am a single parent, for example.
  • What tools do I need to get started on the Work Less, Make More program?
  • If I'm not ready to hire a success coach, where can I go to find a support team to get me started?
  • You say that people who work too much enjoy the "adrenaline habit." What do you mean? Can you share a few ideas that will break the "adrenaline habit"?
  • In your book, you talk about getting paid for your brilliance. Tell me more about that.
  • What should you do with all the work and details that don't fit into your high-payoff activities surrounding your brilliance?
  • What is the secret of effective delegation? Who do you suggest delegating to? You often recommend hiring a right-hand assistant as one way to reduce your work hours yet increase your revenues. How does putting someone on your payroll achieve that?
  • One strategy for working less is duplication. How can you duplicate yourself if you are brilliant at what you do?
  • You write in your book about the difference between balance and brilliance. We all want balance. Why is brilliance a better way?
  • You emphasize the importance of saying no. What kinds of things do people who Work Less, Make More say no to?
  • How can you say no to "information overload"? In today's fast-paced world, won't you lose clients if you don't keep up with technology?
  • Do you have to change jobs to Work Less, Make More? How does your program help one make more money at the same job?
  • You have an intriguing way of describing wealth. Would you share that?
  • Can you give me one tool or technique I can use today to get home earlier?


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