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About the book, "Work Less, Make More®"

CITE: White, Jennifer. "Work Less, Make More®: Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want!" NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1999.

ISBN 0-471-35485-6
Paperback, 256pp.
Publication date: October 1999

Tired of holding your breath, waiting for exactly the right moment to arrive before you start living the life you really want? When will it be safe for you to stop working so hard and stop feeling stressed out, burnt out, and generally dissatisfied with life? When you get married? Promoted? When your kids finish school? When you pay off your mortgate? When you retire?

It's time to stop waiting and start living. As renowned success coach, Jennifer White, proves in this amazing book: you can have it all -- more time, more money, and more fun -- on your own terms -- starting today!

Based on White's popular courses and seminars through which she's helped thousands of people nationwide live fulfilling and productive lives, "Work Less, Make More®" is an easy-to-follow, 10-step program for overcoming your fears, unblocking your passions, channeling your energies, and managing your time more efficiently so you can:

  • Fearlessly take more risks;
  • Do the kind of work that really makes you happy;
  • Achieve success on your own terms;
  • Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss;
  • Have more fulfilling relationships; and
  • Put passion back in your life and work.

A complete design for living and working, "Work Less, Make More®" is the key that will unlock your potential for living life to its fullest.


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