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by Jennifer White,
author of Work Less, Make More
(Wiley & Sons, 1999)
Our web-site: www.worklessmakemore.com
(734) 254-9970

  1. You hire for the short-term crisis rather than for long-term gain.
      I see people do this all the time. You find yourself crunched for time with a big deadline or a huge project, so you put your neck on the line and hire someone. Then boom! No more work. Resist the urge to over-react and use temporary help until you have enough consistent work for an assistant.
  2. You hire someone to do your work, but you don't take the time to upgrade or expand what you personally do.
      The number one reason to hire an assistant is to free yourself to focus on high-payoff projects. If you don't redirect how you spend your time, you're wasting your money.
  3. You create even more busy work for both of you to do rather than focus on adding more value.
      This is what I call justifying your existence. Don't hire someone just to double or triple the amount of busywork you do. That's what I call a big waste of resources.
  4. You could get the same results by using a virtual assistant or independent contractor.
      Think carefully before you put someone on your payroll. I always recommend that you work with someone who's an independent contractor before you hire someone permanently.
  5. You think having an assistant will create a big image for you. Instead it just adds more overhead.
      Don't hire just to stroke your ego. Hire because of the value that person will bring to you and to your organization. My rule of thumb is this: Hire someone if they will either free you up to double your income in the next two years OR allow you to leave the office two hours earlier each day. Better yet, hire someone who will help you do both.


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