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Do you need to Work Less, Make More? Take our quiz to find out.


by Jennifer White,
author of Work Less, Make More
(Wiley & Sons, 1999)
Our web-site: www.worklessmakemore.com
(734) 254-9970

  1. You take at least three vacations a year -- without working.
  2. You typically make it home in time for dinner.
  3. You easily turn down business.
  4. Every month you invest money, pay your bills, and you still have oodles left over.
  5. People tell you they've never seen you so happy, calm, and serene.
  6. You haven't missed a family event because of work in the last year.
  7. You're inspired by your work but not consumed by your work.
  8. You have plenty of time to eat lunch during the work day -- and you can return calls and e-mail easily.
  9. You've come close to doubling your income in the last 12 months without spending more time at the office.
  10. You can't remember the last time you felt stressed out.


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