What To Do With So Many Opportunities

August 21st, 2008 Posted in Make More Money, Success


At some point in the Work Less, Make More journey, you’ll realize that you really do have it all. You have love. You have money. You have time. And you have opportunities. That’s because the more successful you are, the more opportunities are attracted to you.

So what do you do with them all?

Opportunities are wonderful. They allow us to change and grow. They allow us to move on to the next best thing. But sometimes when things really get rolling the sheer volume of opportunities can be overwhelming. You have to learn to make the most of some, while letting others fall by the wayside. Sometimes that can be tough. It’s hard to turn down an opportunity. But as enticing as an opportunity may seem, it won’t do you any good if it leads you down a path that doesn’t serve you.

A friend of mine was telling me about her friend Stephen, who started a company that makes snowboards. Within ten years, Stephen had turned his one-man operation into a multimillion dollar business with 300 employees and an international presence. Was Stephen bombarded with opportunities? You bet. Within a year he had partnered with several winter resort areas to promote snowboarding, and had developed a program for at-risk kids with another company. Both of these ventures introduced what he loved, snowboarding, to a wider variety of people. Stephen’s company was wildly successful and was getting tons of press in the media. He attracted a lot of attention. And a lot of opportunities.

At one point Stephen was approached by a sneaker company that was interested in forming a joint-venture. Stephen knew he sneaker market was huge and there was tons of potential for his company to make more money. It was an opportunity he didn’t want to let pass.

Several years later, Stephen was frustrated and thinking of selling his entire business. The shoe company he had started was taking up all his time, and it wasn’t doing well. In an effort to try to keep the sneaker part of his business afloat, he was spending lots of time away from his snowboard business, which as a result wasn’t doing as well as it had in the past. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” he told my friend. “I know nothing about sneakers. I don’t even wear them. Yet day in and day out, it seems they’re all I think about. I miss the days when I was just running a snowboard company!”

What went wrong? Stephen had jumped at an opportunity without considering whether it was right for him. Sure, he had considered the chances of it being a financial success, but he hadn’t thought too much about whether he would enjoy the opportunity, and whether it was in line with his vision.

Don’t feel like you have to jump at every opportunity that comes along. Think about each opportunity carefully, and take only those that factor into your overall goal of living your best life.


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One Response to “What To Do With So Many Opportunities”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Dear Brian,

    I read all of your letters and always find something interesting, something that usually makes my life easier and more fun. I just had to let you know that I agree 100% with your “you really do have it all. You have love. You have money.” “You have time……..” is a little off base. I am eighty years old, so that means even if I live to be one hundred, there is still not time for me to do all the things that I have planned to do. I have resigned from my job as Mgr of 93 (at the peak) Skin Care Consultants as of Dec 31 2007 to give me more time to take care of my personal Clients. Much as I love my Clients, they are not #1 in my life. My family, friends and Church are V E R Y important to me. I have always thought my children were a gift from God and the way I treat them is my gift to God.

    My children nor Grandchildren have ever thought I was an old fogy or at least they never let me know it. My immediate project for them is to write a book in answer to all their questions of “How did you ever have any fun Granny, without TV, radio or electricity? Are they going to be surprised! ! ! I have probably 2,000 pages of wonderful memories to share with them because I grew up in a Christian home with fun loving and devoted parents who thought we should have everything we wanted and should see the world. Mainly, we were taught compassion. Having been born in 1928 and my brother was born in 1930, (we had two other siblings born in 1934 and ‘37 but electricity had come to our rural area by then. ) we grew up with our first memories being of the depression. We had no idea we were poor because we had more than anyone we knew. Even then, we had it all. Everything you could think of was in our pasture to play with. Our cousins to this day remind us of what a treat it was to be able to come to our house on Sun afternoon to play. We had basketball and goal, football, softball with a real bat, flying ginny, see-saw, jumping jack, and a cable ride that consisted of a metal cable stretched between two trees with one end so high we had to climb a long ladder to get hold of the metal pipe that we held on to for our 90 foot ride. We had a swimming pool in the lower pasture. Not a concrete one as you might think, but a dug one that was dammed up with dirt and rocks. It was probably 20 X 30 feet. Large enough for us, our friends and cousins. Only a few of our cousins were allowed to get in the pool. Their parents excuse was they couldn’t swim. I think the real reason was because they didn’t have a swim suit. That didn’t hold water because we swam in our shorts and top because Mother said the muddy water would ruin our swim suits. This doesn’t count all the trees we had to climb, and the trees covered with kudzu that we loved to play on. Daddy would take all of us to the mountains to look for chestnuts, coon grapes and muskedimes, even if he had to take the pickup to pile all of us in. We spelunked plus experienced all the bluffs in sight

    Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Maybe you will need these words one of these days to help you through a bump in the road……….or maybe you will have a friend who needs encouragement.

    Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring letters.



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