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September 21st, 2009 Posted in Make More Money, Work Less


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Teleseminar Power: How to Leverage the Power of Teleseminars to Grow Your Business, with Michael Cage


Teleseminars are one of the fastest, most effective ways to grow your business, but they’re also one of the most misunderstood and under used marketing strategies out there. Michael Cage has mastered what it takes to teach people how to do revenue generating teleseminars that sell. He teaches it in a way that turns four, five and even six figure teleseminars into auto pilot money machines for businesses and professional practices.


Michael achieved great success with teleseminars after working 18 hour days and struggling in many ways. Being an entrepreneur since his pre-teen years, Michael knew there had to be a better—and easier—way to succeed. He got the idea to host teleseminars, and Michael has transformed this medium into a powerful and profitable way to grow businesses.


This interview provides a great opportunity to learn the secrets of teleseminar success, and how to apply them to your business. Watch your mailbox, because your package will be arriving soon.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:


- The key difference between “doing a teleseminar” and “doing a teleseminar that sells”


- How to use teleseminars to generate an additional 5-6 figure annual income in your business


- The five things you must get right when delivering your teleseminar


- The most important part of the call (Get this wrong, and you can forget about selling anything!)


Here’s an excerpt from our interview:


… teleseminars done well can really accelerate and increase the conversion in your sales cycle. Whatever your business looks like. If you sell information, if you’re publishing, putting out CD’s or manuals or ebooks or what have you. If you are selling consulting services, or coaching services, if you are selling virtually anything there’s a sales cycle that you have.


The time, what happens from the time that someone becomes aware of you or what you do or what you’re product is, and the time that they actually make a buying decision? When you put a teleseminar in place, what happens is that they buy faster and more people buy. So you end up making more money faster when it’s done well.


Now depending on the business type, this could take, you know, a hundred, a thousand different forms. But the number one thing is going to be putting people on the call with the intention of getting them to take a very specific next step towards interacting with your business. Buying the thing, doing an initial consultation, coming into a store, you know whatever it is that happens when you want to generate a sale. And ideally we integrate this in with your existing marketing funnels.


So you look like, look how do you currently get clients? How do you currently get customers? And where can we build in a teleseminar to work? Now let me make an important point about this. One of the big reasons why this works so well is that you come across on a teleseminar as a real person. Especially in times when people are fearful of making decisions. When people get scared they end up freezing, and when people are frozen, they are afraid to make decisions, they are afraid to make mistakes, they become much more selective on what they purchase or what they don’t. And one of the big criteria that becomes much more important is, is the person I’m talking, is the person I’m considering buying from. You know because even when you’re buying from a business, people really feel and prefer to buy from a person, not a nameless faceless business. So one of the big things that comes into play is do we trust this person, do they have credibility, do we believe that they’re going to take care of us?


For most people getting that across in the written word is really, really tough. But if you talk on the phone they get to hear your voice, they get the sense that you’re a real person. And you don’t have to be a professional speaker. It actually helps in some ways if you’re just you. You don’t have to have a big radio voice or anything like that. I’m embarrassed to go back and listen to my early teleseminars. You know I’m kind of comfortable with them now. But in the early, early days you know I would say a couple of words and have to take a real deep breath, because I wasn’t breathing enough, because I was nervous, and you know all these things. But people could still tell that hey this is a real person on the other end of the phone. And what ends up happening then is that you get an enormous spike in the trust factor and as a result of that, you, combine that with a good structure for selling, which we’ll be talking about, and you end up making more sales faster.




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