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Create New Habits

June 24th, 2009


Old habits are hard to break. It doesn’t matter if we know they aren’t good for us. They’re still hard to get rid of. And chances are, bad habits are preventing you from working less and making more.

The key to exchanging bad habits for good habits is changing your thoughts and beliefs. Once you do that, you’ll find that your behavior changes as well.


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June 10th, 2009


If you’ve been following the Work Less, Make More program, you’ve learned how to prioritize your tasks and focus on the projects that really matter. These are the high-payoff activities. These are the things that stir passion in your soul, make life worth living, and put you on the road to success.

Of course, there are a lot of other things I’ve asked you to put on the shelf for the time being. These are the small things. Nevertheless, you’re probably worried about these things, because they aren’t getting done.


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Play the Priority Game

June 1st, 2009


Prioritizing is a big part of working more and making less. Most people are bombarded with things to do every day. They find themselves moving quickly from one task to the next, from that task to another, all day long. When you’re in that kind of cycle, it’s hard to really get going on any one thing. Your mind is jumping from one thing to the next.

What does it mean to prioritize? It means doing the most important things first.


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Find Time. Yes, You Can.

September 11th, 2008


Time is one of our most valuable commodities. That’s why people spend thousands of dollars and, yes—lots of time!—attending time management seminars and reading books about the latest time management theories.


If only we could learn how to better manage time! That would solve everything, right?


It’s funny how we give so much credit to time. When we are feeling frazzled and harried and just plain burnt-out we like to blame it on time, as if it’s something that we can’t control.



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The Power of Three

August 26th, 2008


One of the keys to Working Less, Making More is focus. Today, I want you to focus on your three highest value activities. For now, forget the other stuff.

Take out a piece of paper, and write down your three highest value activities. These are things that you are good at (your Brilliance), that only you can do in your business, and that are important to the success of your business or career. Imagine what would happen if you all your time focused on those three activities, and delegated everything else to others in your organization.


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