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How to Prosper During Economic Uncertainty

September 17th, 2008


There are challenging times ahead. Here in Michigan, for example, we are facing continuing uncertainly due to the higher oil prices, a downturn in the domestic auto industry, and troubles in the housing market. While Michigan may be suffering more than other regions of the country, this challenging environment is certainly not limited to our state.


Then, this past weekend, the news went from bad to very bad to catastrophic.



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Develop New Profit Centers

August 30th, 2008


One of the biggest mistakes people make is concentrating on one source of income.  They think that if they stay at one company they’ll eventually get rich. They think that if they work hard and perform well they’ll move up the corporate ladder. They think that if they keep getting raises, they’ll eventually make enough money.

But what happens if you get laid off? What happens if the industry you work in suffers economically? I’ll tell you what happens. That one source of income you’ve been relying upon is suddenly not so reliable.


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