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Clean Up the Clutter

July 6th, 2009


Memos. Junk mail, Post-it notes. Catalogs. Bills. Permission slips. Newspapers. Look around you. Do these things seem to be everywhere? Many of us are surrounded by overwhelming piles of clutter. You’re probably so used to it you don’t realize its negative impact.

Clutter is one of the biggest reasons you aren’t more productive. You may not realize it, but clutter takes up valuable time and energy.

I once had a client named Stephanie who was so adamant that clutter had no affect on her whatsoever, that she actually renamed it “controlled chaos.”


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It’s Time To Eat More Strawberries

June 16th, 2009


It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining, and the air was crisp. It was a perfect day for a hike in the woods. A woman – someone I would call a high achiever – was walking along on this gorgeous day when she suddenly heard a rustling behind her. She turned around and realized there was a family of tigers behind her. She knew they wanted to have her for lunch.

She started to run very fast. Good thing she was in top physical condition like most high achievers. After two years of working out with her personal trainer, she could outrace even the most physically fit tiger.  


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Play the Priority Game

June 1st, 2009


Prioritizing is a big part of working more and making less. Most people are bombarded with things to do every day. They find themselves moving quickly from one task to the next, from that task to another, all day long. When you’re in that kind of cycle, it’s hard to really get going on any one thing. Your mind is jumping from one thing to the next.

What does it mean to prioritize? It means doing the most important things first.


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What Work Less, Make More Means To You

May 18th, 2009


I recently got a call from a guy named Gary who wanted to hire a coach. Now, by most people’s standards, Gary was already very successful. He owned a home in a very affluent neighborhood, and drove a luxury car. Gary could basically afford anything he wanted. So what was his problem? Something was missing. He didn’t have enough time to do the things he wanted to do, or hang out with the people he enjoyed. He wanted a solution. Fast.

So I asked Gary what he wanted in life. Silence. When I asked again, I got a reluctant, “Isn’t that what I’m paying you to find out?”


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Million Dollar Networking, with Andrea Nierenberg

May 14th, 2009


If you’re already a Success Circle Member, I want to give you a sneak preview of the information that you will be receiving shortly in your mailbox.




Million Dollar Networking, with Andrea Nierenberg

Recently, I interviewed Andrea Nierenberg. Andrea is the founder and president of The Nierenberg Group, an innovative communications consulting firm that The Wall Street Journal calls a “networking success story.” With a stellar 25 years as a leader in sales and marketing, Andrea is an in-demand business expert, both at home and around the globe. Her company partners with the world’s leading businesses in diversified industries throughout the world.  


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Discover Your Beliefs About Success

May 12th, 2009


We all have certain beliefs when it comes to success. The question is, are these beliefs helping us, or hindering us?

Early in my career, I adopted the belief that “in order to get what you want in life you have to work really hard to get it. You are going to have to put in long hours, and sometimes your personal relationships will suffer. You may have to give up hobbies and interests, and you’ll probably be working when your friends are out enjoying themselves and having fun. But in the end you’ll be successful.”


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Create and Enjoy Magic Moments

September 15th, 2008


Last weekend, my daughter Carly and I enjoyed a “magic moment” together.


“What’s a magic moment?” you ask? For me, it’s a special experience with someone close to me that I will remember for the rest of my life.


A magic moment can be big, like our family vacation last summer in Europe. We visited Germany, Austria, and France. It was a truly special time for our family.



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Just Look at Michael Jordan

September 8th, 2008


What does Michael Jordan have to do with working less and making more? Lots. Michael Jordan is a good example of what happens when you focus on and maximize your talents and strengths. He’s also a good example of what happens when you don’t maximize your strengths and talents.


We all have things we’re really good at doing. And most of us aren’t just limited to one thing. Chances are, you’re probably brilliant at many different things. But there’s a difference between being brilliant at something, and loving something. When you focus on something you’re brilliant at, you’re using your strengths and talents in the best possible way. When you focus on something you love doing, you have a lot of fun but aren’t really using your strengths and talents in the best way possible.


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Stop Making Excuses

August 13th, 2008


There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who make things happen, and those who make excuses. And you can’t be both. Which means that—no matter how focused you are on making your goals a reality, no matter how much time and money you invest, no matter how many books you read and seminars you attend—you’re never going to be successful unless you stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for the situation you’re in.

I don’t mean to be harsh. I know some obstacles seem insurmountable, and over the years I’ve heard just about every excuse imaginable. Some of the excuses I hear over and over are:


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Inspiration From The 2008 Summer Olympics

August 8th, 2008


The 2008 Summer Olympics gets under way today in Beijing, China. Approximately 10,500 athletes will compete in 28 sports. 

I love the Olympics. The competition. The struggle. The triumph. The battle that participants have fought along the road to Beijing. 

While I enjoy the athletic competition of the Olympics, the greater effect on me is the inspiration I get from watching the Olympics. These athletes have focused for years on getting to these games—single-minded focus on the achievement of a very specific goal. 

Here’s my question for you: What could you accomplish if you focused like that? 


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